The Boom Booms - Live at Provincial Pub on January 24

We asked our social media followers how they would feel if we opened our pub up to the idea of doing live shows, the first being Vancouver’s The Boom Booms. This is what one of our friends had to say.


“I can recall the exact moment when I first heard The Boom Booms. I was walking around the Whistler Village, looking for something to do after spending the afternoon patio hopping. I remember hearing the sound of a saxaphone completely taking over my ears, and I instantly began walking in a trance towards the music. When I arrived at the crowd, my eyes were met with six undeniably handsome men accompanied by instruments and a soulful air. The music completely took me by surprise and I couldn’t help but start to move my feet. Luckily everyone around me was also being controlled by the rhythm and we were moving in a high energy, hypnotic state together. I spent the next 45 minutes dancing my heart out with new friends I had just met, promising myself that I would see this band again if I ever had the chance.”


  • Angie Clark, Provincial Pub Facebook follower


Angie’s day has finally come.


The Boom Booms are coming to Edmonton on January 24th, and it’s going to be one hell of a show! Not only are these guys nice to look at (very nice, indeed), they have an incredible energy and stage presence that will blow your socks off.


Get your tickets ASAP or risk having a serious case of FOMO while all your friends are digging their heels into the dance floor, and you’re stuck at home.


Tickets are only $10.00 available here at Provincial Pub.

No this wasn't shot in Brazil, but we thought the river theme was right on the money. Check out the band at