Which Karaoke Type Are You?

There are two types of people in the world.

Type A - Karaoke enthusiasts. These are the people that actively search for karaoke, never denying their love for the activity. They are the ones that are always organizing your group of friends to hit up karaoke together and sing their favourite karaoke songs every. single. time. 

Type B - Closet karaoke lovers. These are the type of people who claim they don't "do" karaoke. They usually put up a fight to go to a karaoke bar, once they arrive they act as if they could care less. Fast forward a few hours and *ahem* a few drinks and BAM they are up on the stage singing their hearts out. Their name isn't even being called anymore by the host because they have sang so many times and now they are just on stage featuring themselves on everyone else's song choice. You couldn't get the mic out of their hand even if you tried (which you do try countless times because you also love karaoke!) 

Moral of the story, everyone loves karaoke. Don't deny it. 

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