Secrets From Cedric's Kitchen

As restaurant owners, we know how important it is to have great tasting food. We also know that it's nice to enjoy a few meals in the comfort of your home. So for those of you who like to cook and want to bring the taste of Provincial home, we have a nice little Saturday treat in store. Since the response to our blog about Cedric was through the roof, we realized we might have a local celebrity on our hands! To thank all of you for the over-whelming support in the last couple of months, we have decided to share some of Cedric's recipes and secrets from our kitchen to yours. This week we are sharing something for the chocolate lovers! 

Chocolate Ganache
480g Butter, Soft Cubed
240g Dark Chocolate, small pieces
160g Sugar
500ml Cream
Pinch of salt
1. In a medium sized sauce pot caramelize the sugar over low heat (the sugar can burn quickly if left unattended).
2. In a separate sauce pot, bring the cream and salt to a boil.
3. Once the cream is boiling and the sugar has caramelized, pour the cream over the sugar while whisking.  The cream will boil over and the sugar may crystallize. If this happens simply bring the cream back to a low simmer and dissolve the sugar using a whisk.
4. Once the sugar has dissolved into the cream, add the chocolate and dissolve over a low heat.
5. Remove from the heat and whisk in the soft butter. Date, Label, Refrigerate. Enjoy!