Provincial Pub's Grand Opening February 21st, 2015!

The time has come to celebrate the glorious grand opening of the Provincial Pub. On this very special night we would like to honor everything that breathes Alberta because we are so proud to call this province our home. Some of you may have had the “pleasure” of growing up in Alberta, others ended up here because of the irresistible oil money or you might have just thought that the name Edmonton sounded uber chic and moved here on a whim. Whatever the reason is, we are all connected because no matter what, we love this crazy province and we are stuck here. 

On Saturday February 21st, be sure to show up in your best Albertan costume, whether it be a plaid shirt, Canadian tuxedo, or fur jumpsuit - the best dressed will be rewarded heavily! We would also like to remind everyone to do a lot of hand stretches prior to the evening so that you can take part in “Big Rock, Paper, Scissors” and kick some serious butt. We will be conducting a full on tournament with hilarious comedian Brett McCrindle as your host, so make sure you remember to throw something down other than rock because it’s super predictable and everyone knows rock doesn’t always win. 

And if all of that isn’t already enticing enough, we will be having DJ Maurice spinning some wild beats so you can tear up that d-floor like it’s 1999! Don’t forget to stop by the bar to try some of Jason’s irresistible Albertan themed cocktails like the Balzac Ballbuster! Oh and did we mention the lovely ladies of Provincial will be walking around with food for you to try until 10pm? Yes, that’s right. Who could ask for anything more on a Saturday night in the middle of winter! See y’all at Provincial! 

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