South Edmonton's Best Kept Secret - Cedric Le Chef at Provincial Pub

Here at Provincial Pub, we are incredibly proud of our delicious food and all the credit goes to lead chef, Cedric Boeglin. Cedric began his career in the hospitality industry in 2004 at the Century Grill bussing tables and bartending. Jeff Jackson was his chef at that time and during the afternoon kitchen prep hours, he would teach Cedric how to clean a variety of fish. “It always seemed so cool to me (being a chef) so one day I decided to exchange my serving shirt and tie for a white chef’s jacket, and I have never looked back.” 

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Cedric continued working in the kitchen at Century Grill while completing his culinary schooling at NAIT and becoming a certified butcher in the process. He competed in several Gold Medal Plates competitions while at Century, helping raise funds for the Canadian Olympic Athletes. After 6 years at Century, he moved on to The Red Ox Inn where he spent 2 years honing his skills and learning how to become a great cook. “The days were long and at times stressful, yet full of laughs! We were a small team working hard together, every day. The work ethic I learned during my time at Red Ox will stick with me forever.” 


After Red Ox, Cedric hit the streets with friend and Chef, Mike Scorgie, who is the proprietor of Nomad food truck, spending a few months experiencing the street food scene while they waited for the construction of Woodwork to be complete. Once Woodwork had opened, Cedric worked under Chef Manu Theriault, who he thanks for teaching him various finer elements of butchery & charcuterie. In the fall of 2014, he was presented with the chance to run his own kitchen. He decided to leave Woodwork and joined Scott Martin and Jason Yen to help open what has now become The Provincial Pub. “This is such an exciting time in all of our lives. When you are surrounded with like-minded people, the work is easy and enjoyable. Not to mention, we all share that same passion for absolutely delicious food.” 

Come and try Cedric’s creations at the Provincial Pub and you will not be disappointed!